Fees & Process

100% Efficiency

With Titanium Black Outsourcing you only pay for the time we take to complete your administration tasks, effectively giving us a 100% efficiency rating. This removes all of the potential down time and inefficiencies that come with hiring permanent staff.

You no longer have to pay for annual leave, sick leave, public holidays, rent, equipment, training, insurance, workcover, overtime, “down time for coffee breaks and chit chat”… the list goes on.

Administration at 100% efficiency.

The Titanium Black Process

Step 1: Assigned to a Team

You will be assigned to a dedicated administration team, comprised of a Senior Account Manager, Client Services Managers and Client Services Administrators.

Step 2: Trello Board

A Trello workflow board will be set up for you, allowing you to watch the progress of your open tasks.

Step 3: Create a Task

Create a task in our easy to use Trello workflow system.


Step 4: Task is Assigned

Your Senior Account Manager will assign the task to the appropriate administrator.

Step 5: Trello Workflow Tracking

You will see how your task is tracking in real time in Trello.


Step 6: Complete

Task will be moved to the complete section in Trello, indicating to you the task is finalised.

Specialist Admin - $75 + GST per hour

Specialist administration including but not limited to:

Xplan related tasks
Opt-In Letters
Client Meeting Packs
File Notes
Data Entry
Information Collection
Advice Implementation
Grandfathered at risk revenue remediation

Our payment terms are 14 days. Time critical fees may apply for urgent turn arounds.

Please note: Fees and charges within this schedule are subject to change at any time at the discretion of Titanium Black.

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